Physical Therapist in Boca Raton FL
Physical Therapist Boca Raton

Physical Therapist in Boca Raton FL

Find a physical therapist in Boca Raton FL to begin your journey back to full health and recovery. Physical therapy services and physical rehabilitation programs help to reduce chronic pain and restore overall physical function. When coupled with an elite level of care and the most advanced therapy equipment available, successful rehabilitation is imminent. And if you want the best physical therapist in Boca Raton FL to help guide you through the process of a quick recovery that lasts a lifetime, you want to be here.

Premier Therapy Solutions is a one-on-one physical therapy and rehabilitation center located in Boca Raton, FL. Our physical therapist and PT specialists help people that are suffering from all kinds of nagging ailments and neurological conditions. From post-stroke physical rehabilitation programs to innovative aquatic therapy techniques and even clinical pilates classes, our range of services covers all your physical therapy needs in one convenient place.

Remember that physical therapy is a journey and trusting your PT specialist is key to a speedy and successful recovery. Providing personalized one-on-one treatment with an elite level of care is our specialty here, but lifelong physical health is our goal. Learn more about some of the more common conditions we treat and the people that benefit most from physical therapy below.

Conditions We Treat

Arthritis (Reduce pain, eliminate muscle tremors, add dexterity, improve overall physical function)

Balance / Vestibular Conditions (Improve overall balance and reduce problems with dizziness)

Cardiopulmonary (Treatment to restore spontaneous circulation, improve cardiovascular function and blood flow)

Chronic Pain (Reduce, minimize, manage, or eliminate nagging neck, back, and other chronic body pain)

Sports Injuries (Strengthen damaged muscles and speed up overall recovery time after sustaining a major sports injury)

Neurological Conditions (Intensive stroke recovery, Parkinson’s disease treatment, half/ full day and outpatient programs)

Osteoporosis (Improve overall strength in bones and muscles while protecting weakened areas in the body)

Peripheral Neuropathy (Treatment techniques to relieve nerve sensations in the hands or feet such as tingling, numbness, burning pain, etc.)

Your Personal Medical Concierge

The healthcare system is a fickle beast that often leaves patients feeling confused and unchanged. Worse yet, insurance plans make it more and more difficult to actually get what you need. For this reason, we developed a unique service to address this common complaint.

PTVIP Concierge Connection is an exclusive service offered to patients looking for an elite level of care from their physical therapist. Patients that elect to utilize this service think of us as their very own personal medical concierge.

As such, your physical therapist or PT specialists will accompany you to all medical appointments. We will also assist locating and installing any recommended equipment at your home. Other key benefits include added family support, regular program updates, close collaboration with your other doctors, accompanying you during your travels, and more. Our hope is to make your physical recovery journey easy, convenient, and most of all successful.

Click here to read more information about our PTVIP Concierge Connection.

Visit Premier Therapy Solutions to learn more about Dr. Lisa Corsa, our primary physical therapist in Boca Raton FL. To request an appointment with the premier physical therapy center in Florida call 561-672-7613 or simply click here. For additional inquiries, please email us.

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Physical Therapist in Boca Raton FL

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