Physical Therapist Near Me
Physical Therapist Boca Raton

Physical Therapist Near Me

People search for a physical therapist near me to address a number of different ailments. Physical therapy, in general, has seen vast improvements thanks to the advancements in technology and its PT applications.

As for physical therapists in Boca Raton Florida, choosing the best fit to help aid in your own recovery comes down to trust and level of care. And if you are looking for the PT specialists that provide the highest level of care with the most innovative equipment around, there is only one choice that makes sense.

Premier Therapy Solutions is a physical therapy and rehabilitation center located in Boca Raton, FL. We cover a wide variety of therapeutic and rehabilitative services using the most advanced equipment and a mixture of modern and timeless techniques.

Continue reading to learn more about our different services detailed in the article below and find out what each of them entails. Or request an appointment with the premier physical therapist near me soon by calling 561-672-7613.

Our Services

Physical therapy is a process that takes time. For this reason, we firmly believe that the rehabilitation process should be as efficient as it is comfortable. Our different services tackle all these problems, but it is our team’s commitment to excellence that truly proves we live up to our name. Below is a brief breakdown of the services that we provide.

Muscular Balance Evaluation

These evaluations allow us to gauge your problems areas to strategize the most efficient plan for relieving your symptoms. Benefits include reducing muscle stiffness, improved mobility, and reducing the damage osteoarthritis can cause the body. Learn more

Stroke Recovery / Parkinson’s Treatment Program

Intensive Stroke Recovery covers both minor incidents and extreme cases. Parkinson’s Treatment Programs assist in rehabilitating patients back to maximum functionality. Options include outpatient, inpatient, half-day, and full day treatment. Learn more

Integrative Physiotherapy

This evidence-based approach utilizes a mixture of contemporary techniques and timeless methods. Benefits include restoring natural motion for the patient’s body. Learn more

Aquatic Therapy Program

The HydroWorx pool is one of the most advanced aquatic therapy equipment tools available and is revolutionizing what is possible with physiotherapy. It acts as an underwater treadmill with reduced impact forces and has numerous applications. Learn more

Lifestyle Assessment

Have your current patterns assessed by a PT specialist to learn where you can improve your diet, exercise, and sleep. Benefits include learning about preventative measures to maintain optimal health and a balanced life. Learn more

Wellness Sports Performance

Strengthen your physical form and speed up your physical recovery with either Clinical Pilates or Personal Training programs. Benefits include improved balance, muscle strength, and weight loss. Learn more

PTVIP Concierge Connection

Our PTVIP Connection is an exclusive service utilized by those looking for an elite level of care during their recovery process. Our physical therapist and PT specialists act as a medical proxy and travel with you to important appointments and more. Learn more

End your search for the best physical therapist near me. To request an appointment call 561-672-7613. Visit our Learning Center for useful tips and information. If there is anything else we can help you with, please contact us.

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Physical Therapist Near Me

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