Scoliosis Treatment
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Scoliosis Treatment | Scoliosis Awareness Month

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the vertebral column. Some instances can require surgery, while some other times can find that most conservative treatments are sufficient. The medical profession generally defines scoliosis as a minor sideways curve of the back with at least some degree of curve. This is normally caused by a reduced muscle tone and aging. Premier Therapy Solutions is one of the leading Scoliosis Treatment Centers in South Florida.

The severity of your scoliosis will determine the type of treatment plan you should follow. Consult with a doctor to determine the best course of treatment for your situation. Most doctors will recommend physical therapy first before recommending a Scoliosis treatment plan. The severity of your scoliosis will also determine the length of time that you will be off your feet.

Scoliosis Therapeutic Care is a physical therapy practice specializing in conservative management of scoliosis and kyphosis utilizing the Schroth™ based method. This physical therapy method uses curve-specific exercises to create 3-D forces in the spine.

It incorporates principles of auto-elongation, isometric strengthening, and corrective rotational breathing to:

  • Prevent or decrease curve progression
  • Increase trunk strength and flexibility
  • Enhance pulmonary function
  • Promote more symmetrical posture and balanced appearance
  • Reduce pain

Treatment Includes

  • Musculoskeletal evaluation
  • X-ray review and postural assessment
  • Scoliosis education for patients and families
  • Individualized exercise program
  • Working one-on-one with a PT certified in Schroth™ based method
  • Customized home exercise program

As with most conditions involving the musculoskeletal system, the first step in the treatment process is to rule out serious structural issues. If you have only a mild case of scoliosis, physical therapy and conservative treatments may be adequate. In many mild cases, a brace or a cane can be worn to help straighten the back. Severe scoliosis, however, will require surgical procedures. Severe scoliosis leads to an extreme curve of the lower back that cannot be helped through physical therapy or exercises alone.

When it comes to Scoliosis therapy becomes a necessity, especially for those in the severe stages of scoliosis. There are two types of Scoliosis surgery available. The first is called arthroscopic surgery and the second is known as ambulatory phlebectomy. With regards to the treatment for post-surgery pain management, you will be given a prescription pain killer. This medication should be taken until the physician says it is safe for you to move around without added pain medication.

Scoliosis comes in two different forms, either Curvature or Neuromuscular. For both forms of Scoliosis, the main issue is the curvature or tilt of the spine, which needs to be corrected through exercises and physical therapy. Curvature Scoliosis can cause severe pain and can lead to severe spinal cord compression. Neuromuscular Scoliosis on the other hand often goes unnoticed at first because the muscles in the back do not initially become affected. These later causes of curvature scoliosis are generally mild and are usually treatable with drugs.

Scoliosis Treatment involves several steps including, Musculoskeletal evaluation, X-ray review and postural assessment, Scoliosis education for patients and families, Individualized exercise program, working one-on-one with a PT certified in Schroth™ based method, Customized home exercise program. The exercises for these patients require strengthening of the muscles in the upper body and the lower back. When scoliosis progresses to a severe level, the doctor may recommend scoliosis exercise therapy to increase strength in the muscles. These therapies include muscular strengthening, weight training, swimming, medicine ball exercises, and balance training.


Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis Treatment

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