take your tennis game to the next level

Are you looking to dramatically improve your game this summer? Do you have lingering injuries that are hindering your play?

Premier Therapy Solutions’ Elite Tennis Therapy & Conditioning Program is the solution to launching you to the next level.

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    Each aspect of our program is designed to re-educate your body to perform optimally and position you for success on the court!

    1. Tennis Enhancement Program – Single 90 minute session = $350.00
    2. Tennis Amplifier Plan – Two 90 minute sessions/week = $575.00
    3. Tennis Game Changer Plan – Three 90 minute sessions/week = $800.00

    Our clinical therapists will lead you through a program which includes:

    • Sports Specific Musculoskeletal Evaluation
    • Agility & Movement Bio-mechanics Analysis
    • Focused Physical Therapy Treatment
    • Neuromuscular Deep Tissue Massage
    • Manual Stretching & Modality Session
    • Strength & Conditioning Session
    • Customized Home Therapy Program
    Tennis Elbow Therapy
    Need more therapy? Ask about our Intense Tennis Conditioning Boot Camp Program.
    We also specialize in Tennis Elbow Treatment!