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5 Reasons To See A Physical Therapist

There are many people who can benefit from going to a local physical therapy center for professional help to improve their physical ailments. Physical therapy isn’t just for people who are severely injured and the right local physical therapy center can help to improve your physical health for a variety of conditions.

The rest of this article will cover some common reasons to see a physical therapist and address questions like who is physical therapy for. Or request an appointment for physical therapy in Boca Raton and begin your path to achieving your physical goals.

5 Reasons To See A Physical Therapist

Get relief from physical pain.

There are many different physical therapy exercises that help to reduce chronic pain or eliminate physical pain completely. Physical injuries sustained early in life or pain developed as an adult often worsen in time if not properly dealt with. Techniques like soft tissue stimulation, joint mobilization movements, and electrical stimulation are proven techniques to reduce back pain, restore muscle, and prevent pain from worsening or returning.

Prevent or recover from sports injuries.

The same goes for new sports injuries or old sports injuries that leave nagging pain and reduce a person’s quality of life. Some sports have injuries unique to that activity (tennis elbow, stress fractures) and an experienced physical therapist can help to strengthen the areas most vulnerable in order to prevent a sports injury from occurring.

Avoid the need for surgery.

Some injuries do not require surgical intervention to recover from entirely and a local physical therapy center might be able to help eliminate the need for surgery entirely. If surgery is needed, physical therapists can also provide pre-surgery physical therapy to reduce healing time and speed up recovery afterward.

Improve balance, strength, and mobility.

Movement can be difficult for people of any age and physical therapy is a great way to strengthen the muscles needed to gain back mobility. The exercise and techniques a physical therapist used generally are developed in a specialized treatment plan unique to the individual in order to achieve maximum results.

Recover from a brain injury or neurological condition.

Stroke recovery, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injuries, and other neurological conditions all have unique complications that physical therapy can help with. There are different levels and programs for each of these conditions and local physical therapy center can help to restore many physical problems caused by these conditions.

Who Is Physical Therapy For?

Anyone that has a concern with their physical health or wants to prevent themselves from becoming injured later in life can benefit from physical therapy. Some people also see a physical therapist because they are sick of the modern healthcare system and wish to live a life free from hospitals and the headaches of health insurance claims. 

In addition to the more common physical therapy services, some local physical therapy centers even provide muscular balance evaluations and lifestyle assessments to help educate people on how they live healthier and feel better throughout the day.

To find local physical therapy in Boca Raton, visit Premier Therapy Solutions or call 561-672-7613 for further assistance.

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