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Physical Therapy for Running Injuries in Boca Raton

Running injuries are common among runners at all levels. Whether it is muscle soreness, achy joints, or plantar fasciitis, physical therapy for running injuries can help to alleviate symptoms and improve mobility and function.

Although it’s true that not all running injuries will require physical therapy to heal, it’s often recommended to seek treatment before a problem worsens. There are many people who simply decide the injury isn’t serious enough to warrant physiotherapy treatment, which can then cause more unnecessary complications.

Fortunately, if you are wondering whether or not to seek out physical therapy for running injuries, our experts can help. Continue reading to learn more about some of the physical therapy services for runners that our Boca Raton physical therapists offer or contact Premier Therapy Solutions today to request a physiotherapy appointment soon.

When To Consider Physical Therapy for Running Injuries

One of the most common reasons a running injury worsens is because the injured person does not stop running long enough to let the injury heal. Muscle soreness and stiffness are to be expected when performing regular physical activity, especially if someone is extending their range and running abilities.

However, even muscle soreness and stiffness could be a sign of a worsening problem. It’s generally recommended to make sure to stretch well before beginning a run and to let the muscle rest if the injury feels significant.

In the event that a running injury doesn’t begin to dissipate after a short period of time, physical therapy treatment should be considered. Another common reason to consider runners physical therapy is when a runner has plantar fasciitis, which is a common running injury that affects the arch or heel of the foot.

Available Physical Therapy For Runners

The different types of physical therapy treatment options for runners differ from minor manual therapy techniques to more significant integrative physiotherapy techniques. Stretching techniques can also be recommended that specifically help the muscles most prone to injury while running, such as the calves, knees, thighs, and feet.

Most running injury physical therapy consists of proper stretching and strengthening exercises, such as stability balls and resistance bands. Massage techniques and rollers are also often used in manual therapy, depending on the significance of the injury or condition.

Premier Therapy Solutions provides a variety of physical therapy for running injuries that include manual therapy, integrative physiotherapy, physical therapy for plantar fasciitis, and more. Our Boca Raton physical therapists can help to diagnose any issue a runner is experiencing in order to create a personalized treatment plan.

If you are a runner that is considering if physical therapy is right for you, don’t let your condition get worse. Contact our team to request an appointment and gain the strength and mobility you need to enrich your running lifestyle for years to come.

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Physical Therapy for Running Injuries

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