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At Premier Therapy Solutions, we are passionate about changing lives through a myriad of physical therapy and rehabilitation techniques. There’s a simple reason why so many people choose to depend on our PT specialists and entrust their physical growth in physiotherapy Boca Raton – we value YOU.

Changing the way people come to think about physical therapy isn’t always easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. Physical rehabilitation is a restorative process that can often test the mind as much as the body, something we understand all too well for all of our physiotherapy Boca Raton clients.

Establishing long-term relationships with our clients by achieving sustainable muscle strength and personal growth are what has established Premier Therapy Solutions as the top choice in physiotherapy Boca Raton has to offer. Continue reading to learn more about what our physical therapy services entail and what our physical therapists and PT specialists are capable of achieving.

Services For Physiotherapy Boca Raton

There are a variety of available physical therapy services we provide in order to accomplish a level of healing both you and your physical therapist are happy with. This is accomplished with a combination of traditional PT techniques used with our professional, compassionate, and personalized expertise.

So whether it’s tennis elbow, scoliosis, or sports injury recovery, we can help. Access to a network of local resources and innovative new physiotherapy equipment allows our physical therapists to offer each of the following services.

Muscular Balance Evaluation

Evaluations of this nature permit our physical therapists to understand more about what is going on in your body. This permits our team to come up with a successful strategy that either reduces discomfort or eliminates your symptoms entirely.

Stroke Recovery / Parkinson’s Treatment Program

Stroke Recovery is an optional program that handles any level incident, from the minor to the extreme. Our Parkinson’s Treatment Program works towards giving patients as much functionality as possible to live a better life. Optional in/outpatient, half day, and full day treatment plans.

Integrative Physiotherapy

By combining newer practices with traditional techniques, integrative physiotherapy is an evidence-based approach to help restore the body’s natural motion.

Aquatic Therapy

With one of the only HydroWorx® aquatic therapy pools available in all of South Florida, our aquatic therapist helps restore muscle strength and rehabilitate injuries in a calm and soothing therapeutic environment.

Lifestyle Assessment

Through a detailed examination of lifestyle patterns, a physiotherapist provides expert recommendations to improve diet, eating, and sleeping habits and live a healthier life.

Wellness Sports Performance

Optional Clinical Pilates and Personal Training programs allow anyone to quicken their recovery timeline and strengthen their muscles, lose weight, and improve overall balance.

PTVIP Concierge Connection

This unique service is exclusive to our center and permits us to act as an authorized medical proxy wherever you go in order to collaborate closely with other professionals to strategize the most efficient ongoing recovery plan.

Contact Premier Therapy Solutions to learn more about any of the physical therapy services listed above or call 561-672-7613 to request an appointment for physiotherapy Boca Raton today.

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Physiotherapy Boca Raton

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