At Premier Therapy Solutions (PTS), we recognize that not all pain or injuries come from the same source…and that not all patients will respond to the same treatment.

So we remain constantly focused on each client as an individual, and maintain a commitment to providing the highest quality, most specialized, one-on-one physical therapy intervention available, utilizing both time-tested and the most up-to-date techniques to relieve pain, improve function, and maximize one’s physical being, all in an environment that places the highest degree of emphasis on respecting each client’s right to safety, dignity and confidentiality.

Premier Therapy Solutions is based out of an exclusive purposely built state-of-the art facility in Boca Raton, Florida.

Our discreet and private setting offers our clients the ability to fly in from throughout the world to be assessed for treatment and evaluation. Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment process that may include reviews of past medical history and consultations with personal physicians. Each and every program is designed with the individual patient’s background, goals and well-being in mind.

Premier Therapy Solutions’ approach utilizes both scientific-knowledge and evidence-based clinical expertise.

Dr. Corsa says, “In my practice, I observe each individual’s anatomic structure, since everyone is unique. By applying my doctoral education, years of experience and affiliations with orthopedic surgeons, I offer the ability to identify the unseen conditions and relay my findings to my patients. I base my diagnosis and prognosis on the bio-mechanics, physics and the person’s goals and needs.”

boca physical therapyOur approach addresses a wide variety of medical conditions utilizing a professional treatment philosophy that identifies imbalances in the body and works to restore these optimal movement patterns.
Our highly trained and motivated staff employs only the best treatment modalities — from ultrasound and laser therapy approaches to masterfully applied hand manipulation practices and cutting edge equipment — all with the primary goals of caring for you with the highest caliber of rehabilitative services and promoting your overall health and wellness.
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