Our clinical team is motivated and highly qualified.

We recognize the responsibility that comes with each person’s medical needs and believe that a collaborative approach among all therapy disciplines brings a more effective outcome. From ultrasound and laser therapy approaches to masterfully applied hand manipulation practices and cutting-edge equipment, our primary goal at Premier Therapy Solutions is caring for you and treating you with the highest caliber of rehabilitative services to help you heal while achieving your optimal level of health and wellness.



Dr. Lisa Corsa is the founder of the PTVIP Medical Concierge Crisis Program, a one- of-kind private membership only concierge rehabilitation program. This exclusive program is unparalleled to any other service or company in the world. Dr. Corsa and her highly skilled medical team can handle any medical emergency on-location in your home, private yacht and or while on vacation.

A recognized doctor expert in her field of physical therapy medicine, manual osteopath and certified athletic trainer, she is frequently referred to as the Navy Seal of rehabilitation medicine and has worked on thousands of people from all over the world with many of her patients flying into her state-of-the-art facility in Boca Raton, FL to receive private one on one care.

Her exclusive Boca Raton facility is equipped with some of the world’s most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies.

Her mission at Premier Therapy Solutions, is to redefine patient care by offering a truly bespoke experience guided by the quintessential principles of The Corsa Method. As a pioneer in aesthetic and physical wellness, through elevated and individualized modalities, she inspires natural beauty and vitality from within.

Dr. Corsa is committed to working holistically and scientifically in order to help individuals reach their full potential – integrating evidence-based research from around the world into a custom treatment plan tailored to each patient in her state-of-the-art destination, which reflects progressive values while creating an atmosphere that is both luxurious and transformative.

Dr. Corsa, with her extensive experience in sports medicine, has become a pivotal figure in the athletic community for her remarkable ability to expedite recovery processes. Holding a distinguished degree in sports therapy and backed by years of hands-on experience, Dr. Corsa has honed a unique approach that blends traditional rehabilitation methods with innovative, science-backed techniques.

At the core of Dr. Corsa’s methodology is her emphasis on personalized care. Understanding that each athlete’s body and recovery needs are unique, she tailors her treatments to suit individual requirements, ensuring a more effective and quicker recovery. Her arsenal of techniques includes advanced physiotherapy, targeted exercise regimens, and nutritional plans designed to boost healing and enhance performance

The world-renowned health and wellness professionals at Mandarin Oriental have teamed up with the private club and hospitality team at Penn-Florida, and in concert with Dr. Lisa Corsa, a recognized leader in the science of biomechanics, have created a unique and proprietary wellness program exclusively offered at the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Via Mizner Golf and City Club in Boca Raton Florida.

The program will be offered at Via Mizner, the world-class urban resort in Boca Raton which will be completed in early 2023, featuring the new Mandarin Oriental hotel and Via Mizner City Club. Participants in this unique offering will receive assessments and treatment at the private Athletic Club and Mandarin Oriental Spa facilities located inside the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Accommodations will be available to the extent treatment programs involve extended care or training.

The program welcomes discerning individuals and families from all over the world to experience individual physical assessments and treatments.

Dr. Corsa continues to set the bar high in physical therapy excellence with her latest achievement – the prestigious 2023 FIOMPT (International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists) Manual Certification. This esteemed certification represents a global standard in manual and manipulative therapy, showcasing her advanced skill set and deep understanding of orthopedic physical therapy techniques.

The FIOMPT certification is a testament to Dr. Corsa’s dedication to providing top-tier care. It equips her with cutting-edge techniques in manual therapy, enhancing her ability to diagnose and treat complex musculoskeletal conditions more effectively. This expertise is seamlessly integrated into The Corsa Method, ensuring her patients benefit from a holistic and highly specialized approach to rehabilitation and recovery.

Patients entrusting their care to Dr. Corsa can now experience an even higher level of expert care, backed by international standards. Whether it’s sports injuries, chronic pain, or post-operative rehabilitation, Dr. Corsa’s approach, enriched with the latest FIOMPT manual therapy techniques, offers a path to quicker and more effective healing

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare and wellness, Dr. Lisa Corsa stands out with her pioneering focus on longevity. At the core of her practice, Premier Therapy Solutions, Dr. Corsa integrates a comprehensive approach that extends beyond conventional treatment methods. Her philosophy centers on promoting longevity through a blend of objective data, current scientific research, and holistic lifestyle practices.

Dr. Lisa Corsa, renowned for her expertise in physiotherapy, has established a distinguished reputation for her work with athletes. At Premier Therapy Solutions, she applies her extensive knowledge and innovative methods, such as The Corsa Method, to enhance athletic performance and facilitate rapid recovery.

Dr. Corsa serves on several prominent boards as a subject matter expert. Some notable mentions are, The Florida Physical Therapy Association, Neuvanna Biotechnology dedicated to people’s health through Neuroscience. TRAINNR, the first true fitness marketplace that enables any health or fitness instructor to create, customize, distribute, and monetize their digital platform. Mueller Revive Recovery Compression Device for longevity and sports recovery and appears in many television appearances and radio podcasts about management of athletic and sports injuries. She is a certified clinical instructor and has students internship in her rigorous academic research facility. She is also on the board of Earth 300, an organization that aspires to both inspire and support oceanographic research and awareness of the climate crises.

Leo Gomez, Senior Physical Therapy Assistant

Leo has been working for Premier Physical Therapy for seven years and is a senior physical therapy assistant. He has a wide knowledge in healthcare worldwide from receiving his RN from MCF in Cuba, RRT from SSGG Sant Pau in Spain. Before joining our team, he gained experience working at Morse Life Health System, Spine Center of the Palm Beach, and Signature Health Care of the Palm Beaches. On his downtime, Leo spends time volunteering at Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding. When Leo helps people overcome their limitations, it gives him great joy to see them feel better. The exercises he comes up with for his patients are both beneficial and fun to make their healing process more enjoyable. In his free time, he is spending time with his family, playing volleyball, and roller skating.

Delanie Beard, Front Office Manager

Dr. Alexandria Papadimtrou Doctor of Physical Therapy


Dr. Aleksandra Papadimitriou, also known as Dr.Sasha to her patients, is an energetic , passionate physical therapist with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Dominican College. She received her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science with a Minor in Health Administration from Florida Atlantic University in 2016. Before working with Premier Therapy Solutions, Aleksandra practiced physical therapy at several medical facilities such as White Plains Hospital, Spectrum Clinic, SportsCare Clinic, and Orange Ulsters Boces. Her goal is to make patients as healthy as possible by providing them with the highest quality care possible. Aleksandra also holds a membership in the American Physical Therapy Association. What brings her great joy is how she can go to work every day and be a part of team that always strives to put patient care first. On her spare time, Aleksandra enjoys taking walks with her husband and new puppy as well as spending time with her family.

Josy Gonzalez, Front Office Coordinator

Josy is the jack of all trades, currently working as our Front Office Coordinator, as well as our Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and completing her Corrective Exercise Specialization Certificate on 2022. You may also see her during your treatment as the lead rehab technician along with the other therapist. Josy graduated from Florida Atlantic University on 2019 with her Exercise Science and Health Promotion Bachelor degree and is currently back in school to complete her last couple of credits to begin her journey as a Doctor of Physical Therapy Student. She is looking to start on Fall of 2022 or Spring 2023. Josy has been part of the team since May 2019 as an intern and from there she landed a job as a technician on August on 2019 and has been growing immensely in this clinic. During her college career Josy participated and also coordinated events towards Breast Cancer Awareness and Children Miracle Hospital. If Josy is not at the clinic training a patient or taking care of you at the front you will most likely see her at the gym. She loves spending time with her family and friends.

Steven Aja, Physical Therapy Assistant

Steven Aja, Physical Therapy Assistant

Steven is one of our Physical Therapy Assistants at Premier Therapy Solutions and started working with us 2021. He earned his Associate degree from the Praxis Institute. Steven has gained extensive experience from working at Fyzical therapy and balance centers and CORA Physical therapy. He enjoys making a positive impact on the quality of life of his patients and is dedicated to helping them attain their goals. He ensures that proper exercise mechanics are being used so that people achieve their rehab goals. Steven is a huge football fan and enjoys working out at the gym and spending time with his family and friends.


Dr. Jennifer A. House, DOM, NCCAOM, and a NADA Specialist

Dr. House has been practicing as an acupuncture physician for 18 years. She received her Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Texas and Masters of Oriental Medicine from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. Before working with Premier Therapy Solutions, Dr. House has been practicing for many years with other physical therapists, chiropractors, and psychologists. Dr. House holds certifications in homeopathy injection therapy and National Certified by NCCAOM (non-profit) as well as holding a membership in the National Acupuncture Detox Association. She is passionate about using a medicine that brings into balance the body’s innate ability to heal. Dr. House enjoys spending time with her family, reading, traveling and being in nature

Susan Rosino, Registered Nurse (R.N)

Susan Rosino is a Registered Nurse (R.N). She got her degree at Methodist Hospitals School of Nursing in Philadelphia and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a Physicians Assistant from Temple University. Susan has been a registered nurse for 20 years and has been in varied fields from surgery to psychiatrist to occupational health. Susan has been in the Premier Therapy Team since August of 2021. Before coming to Premier Therapy Solutions, Susan was working at Walt Disney Occupational Health and Guest Health Services. Susan is very involved in animal welfare/rights with various organizations and grass-roots organizations. Currently she is involved in humanely trapping and sterilizing feral cat colonies. On her free time, susan loves to go ballroom dancing, traveling and cruising and spending time with her family and her beloved cats.
“In all of my years practicing nursing, I have never experienced a doctor so dedicated and devoted to her patients. She sees and treat the whole patient, not just the alignment. Dr. Corsa delves into the dietary and sleep habits, external stressors, family supports, etc. Everything that touches her patients is important to her in bringing them to the maximum medical potential. Their improvement is astounding. I learn something every time I work with Dr. Corsa”

Irene, Occupational Therapist

Irene is a licensed occupational therapist and physical therapist assistant with 12 years of experience in skilled nursing facilities and at least 2 years in home health settings. She started working with Premier Therapy Solutions back in July 2020. Irene obtained many degrees throughout her career such as her Associates Degree of Physical Therapist Assistant, Bachelor’s Degrees of Health Science, and Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. Irene finds great fulfillment in helping people get better and watching them regain their independence. Additionally, she consistently puts in effort and work to perform a wide range of treatment options for her patients. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her loved ones.

Maria Victoria Nuñez Porta, Physical Therapist

Born in Caracas Venezuela in 1971

With 29 years of experience as a Physical Therapist, graduated Cum Laude in 1994 from “Rehabilitation University College May Hamilton” (Venezuela), where I worked for 8 years as a Physical Therapy Instructor, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF ) instructor, Signature Coordinator and Special Degree Thesis Coordinator, also participating as Tutor and Jury for several Degree Thesis.

3 years’ experience working as physical Therapist at “Centro de Atención Integral al Sordociego en Venezuela CAISVE” with deafblind patients: development of communication skills, sensory & motor development, orientation & mobility, trained by the “Heller Keller Foundation”.

Specialized in Manual Therapy, with 3 years of studies with the “School of Osteopathy from Madrid”, and continued studies with Lic Andrzej Pilat, Gines Almazan, among others.

Trained Certified Golden Reiki International practitioner, and bioenergetic therapist by Dr Ayleen Orta (Venezuela) ñ

With a background in health studies, music, and bioenergetic studies, my passion since child is to serve others, with an Integrative approach based on promoting healing by living healthier.

Marjorie Bazile, PTA

Marjorie is a passionate PTA with an extensive

background in sports training,

balance training, and post-operative orthopedic surgery rehab. She earned her PTA degree from Keiser University. She enjoys getting her patients back to doing what they love safely. Marjorie loves outdoor sports like kayaking and volleyball.

Patty Barreto, Floor Manager & Rehab Tech

Kristen Leddy, Medical Aesthetician

Ethan White, Rehab Tech

Alex Agritis, Rehab Tech


Christine Ruiz, Rehab Tech