Elite Tennis Therapy
Dr. Corsa and her uniquely curated tennis injury prevention program will keep you playing tennis longer. Her one-of-a-kind biomechanical, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal assessment work together to provide you with accelerated healing and longevity on the court. Her cutting-edge outcome data and specially crafted strategy in combination with the advanced modalities and programs for injury prevention will be the synergy you need to play and feel your best.

Tennis Elbow Therapy
Tennis Elbow Therapy

Prevent Common Tennis Injuries

Tournament Travel:
Dr. Corsa and her team are available for travel to all levels of tournaments including ATP, WTA, ITF, USTA & NCAA.

Team Consulting:
Dr. Corsa consults with collegiate teams and professional players to improve their performance and lessen the impact of common tennis injuries. By working in conjunction with the school’s Strength & Conditioning coach, Dr. Corsa will implement elements of Premier Therapy Solutions Elite Tennis Therapy throughout the year to help the team peak for their biggest matches, conference tournament, and the NCAA tournament. Team practices, small group sessions, and individual training sessions are included to give your team the best opportunity to move better, faster, and more efficiently on the court.


take your tennis game to the next level

Are you looking to dramatically improve your game this summer? Do you have lingering injuries that are hindering your play?

Premier Therapy Solutions’ Elite Tennis Therapy & Conditioning Program is the solution to launching you to the next level.

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    Each aspect of our program is designed to re-educate your body to perform optimally and position you for success on the court!

    1. Tennis Enhancement Program – Single 90 minute session = $350.00
    2. Tennis Amplifier Plan – Two 90 minute sessions/week = $575.00
    3. Tennis Game Changer Plan – Three 90 minute sessions/week = $800.00

    Our clinical therapists will lead you through a program which includes:

    • Sports Specific Musculoskeletal Evaluation
    • Agility & Movement Bio-mechanics Analysis
    • Focused Physical Therapy Treatment
    • Neuromuscular Deep Tissue Massage
    • Manual Stretching & Modality Session
    • Strength & Conditioning Session
    • Customized Home Therapy Program

    The Premier Therapy Solution 
    Tennis Elbow Treatment (Lateral Epicondylitis)

    Tennis elbow is a swelling of the tendons – that causes pain in the elbow and arm. Despite its name, you can still get tennis elbow even if you’ve never picked up a tennis racket. Any repetitive gripping activities, specifically using the thumb and first two fingers, may cause tendon irritation. Research says physical therapy is an effective method to treat tennis elbow. As an avid tennis player, Dr. Corsa applied her understanding of the bio-mechanics to create a treatment for this preventable, yet common injury. Our tennis elbow protocol includes laser therapy, manual manipulation and cyro-therapy.

    ” The staff at Premier Therapy Solutions knew exactly how to treat my tennis elbow! I highly recommend them.” – Raffaele A.

    ” This treatment is incredible! I’m back to my game and without pain!” – Megan G.

    Tennis Elbow Therapy
    Tennis Elbow Therapy
    Need more therapy? Ask about our Intense Tennis Conditioning Boot Camp Program.
    We also specialize in Tennis Elbow Treatment!

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    Tennis Elbow Treatment