For most people that need surgery, physical therapy is necessary. But it doesn’t start AFTER surgery.

Evidenced based research shows that patients who go into a surgical procedure in better physical condition (with increased strength and flexibility) recover from the trauma of surgery quicker and with decreased chances of complications. With Premier Therapy Solutions’ Concierge Level of Service….

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    We work with some of the best doctors in the country and can help you determine how to best serve your needs.
    From there we collaborate with your doctor to formulate a program that ranges from preoperative care all the way through postoperative. Each program begins with a full, personalized assessment that incorporates physician input, pre-existing medical conditions, laboratory values, radiographs, and a multitude of other key factors such as cardiovascular fitness level and diet.

    From this evaluation, a custom individualized program is designed and the most qualified PTS therapists are assigned to your case.
    By consistently following this procedure PTS ensures that each client is best positioned for successful recuperation and ongoing maintenance. Periodic reassessments keep the pace of recovery and maintenance on track. Positive reinforcement and open communication keep patients motivated and aware of their progress.

    Dedication to the patient’s overall well being is paramount to a successful physical therapy treatment.
    The patient is our primary concern. From respecting your time to providing you with a professional, friendly, and inviting atmosphere, we take great pride in providing a responsiveness to our patients’ needs that is unparalleled.

    Pre-Operative Care

    • Gait analysis and muscle testing are performed
    • Impairments and functional limitations are addressed
    • Home safety review and evaluation of adaptive equipment required for efficient postoperative rehab
    • Customized prescription of preoperative exercises and stretches are carried out weekly and designed to allow for quick recovery after surgery
    • Order, obtain, and set up DME (durable medical equipment)
    • Assist patient in determining appropriate physician for surgery
    • Accompany patient to various physician consults as medical liaison throughout process
    • Collaborate with patient’s chosen physician for medical reports and prior level of function
    • Attend surgical procedure as patient requests
    • Coordinating private duty postoperative nursing care in hospital and/or at home

    Post Operative Therapy Program

    • Daily in-hospital visits to ensure needs are being met
    • Collaborate with in-patient physical therapist regarding postoperative regime in hospital
    • Review physician’s postoperative orders and set up prescribed PT program
    • Use of massage therapy to remove and/ or eliminate swelling and mobilized surgical scarring
    • Design and perform customized aquatic therapy program when needed
    • Accompany postoperative follow-up physician appointment
    • Coordinate with nursing regarding medication management
    • Assist with development and ordering of postoperative meal plans if prescribed by physician
    • Develop and set up a home gym program in order to execute necessary physical therapy rehab
    • Develop customized exercise video to assist patient in achieving goals
    • Attend patient’s daily activities (i.e. golf course, tennis court) to ensure proper biomechanics