Fast. Scan AND get your emailed results in under 3 minutes.

The kiosk allows for customers to scan themselves, freeing up your staff for other things. Also relevant for social distancing for Covid-19.

enable unmatched accuracy of scans.

Cloud-based accounts allow for 24/7 access to reporting behind a safe password-protected login.

3d body scan, Physical Therapy Boca Raton


Printouts & PDF’s weren’t cutting it. So we upgraded the entire analog experience into an interactive dashboard that motivates & educates your clients. Experience how we approach 3D Avatars, Body Composition, & more.

More consistent than BIA Assessments

BIA tests are not “true body scans” – they measure hydration. The methodology of BIA has a huge amount of inconsistency due to one’s hydration which can change from visit to visit. You simply can’t control when your members drink water or eat on a regular basis.

Additionally, most brands choose 3d body scans over BIA due to the imaging. Showing both data & body imaging is a powerful client experience.

Physical Therapy Boca Raton
Physical Therapy Boca Raton

More accurate than ‘other’ 3D Body Scanners

In the fitness space, there are a few other scanners in the market. Brands like Crunch & F45 choose us for a few reasons. Accuracy being the main one. The handles on our machine help with accurate capture, and our official partnership with Dexa continually updates our algorithms for the most accurate body fat predictions.

The second big reason is that we have better software. We have a web portal that allows for access & control of your data. This allows owners & coaches to better work with their clients for a better overall member experience.