Boot Camp Programs that get you in shape and promote a faster recovery.

Physical activities, regardless of what it is, has long been proven to be beneficial for your longevity. Is golf, tennis, skiing or hiking your activity of choice? No matter what your activity level may be, our Wellness Program is designed to provide you a clear path to achieving both your short term and long term fitness goals. Beginning with a thorough full body evaluation, we develop a program that will get you in shape all while we help you to recover faster.

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    We implement sport-specific or general sports exercise programs, customized to our client’s needs.

    Our programs are designed to strengthen muscle groups, develop sport specific muscular endurance, and promote joint-protection and connective tissue elasticity where a potential injury is likely to occur for a specific sport. Our recovery approaches include deep tissue mobilization, medical sports massage, trigger point removal, steam therapy, laser therapy, cold compression therapy, and Kinesio taping protocols.

    Our Wellness Program

    Is ideal for clients wanting to lose weight and get back into shape, all while protecting pre-existing injuries and surgeries.
    We identify muscular imbalances and correct the asymmetries throughout the program.

    Sample Boot Camp Schedule

    • Weigh-In and Measurements
    • Nutrition Counseling-Review Food Diary
    • Weekly PT Assessment for Muscle Imbalance
    • Morning Stretch
    • Cardio HIIT Training / Strength Training
    • Rehab Pilates
    • Aquatic Therapy
    • Organic Lunch
    • Cardio HIIT Training / Strength Training
    • Therapeutic Stretch
    • Medical Recovery Massage