Lifestyle Assessment Program
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In our Lifestyle Assessment Program we will sit down with you and gather specific information regarding the following topics:

  • Your “Prevention Profile” – Where do you stand compared to others in actively maintaining a healthy body?
  • Your Diet Pattern – Identifying areas of specific consumption or lack thereof can easily set a course for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Your Exercise Regime – Are you active enough, and if not, what activities can help you without over doing it?
  • Your Sleep Schedule – Do you give yourself a proper amount of rest in order to attain the energy you need for the day?

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    In addition to understanding your specific daily patterns, we also conduct testing for potential types of deficiencies your body may have through our micronutrient and multimineral testing protocol.

    These tests help identify areas of your body so recommendations for adjustments can be made to your normal pattern.

    Some of the test we conduct are:

    • Micronutrient Panel
    • Adrenal Profile
    • Dysbiosis (Gut) Profile
    • Anti-Aging Profile

    After gathering key data about your patterns, we provide you with customized solutions that will guide you toward improving your quality of life and help keep you there.

    We understand it’s not easy to make better decisions about your health and well being on your own. We can act as your partner to help you make decisions that are in your best interests.

    Beyond a traditional western medical approach, we at Premier Therapy Solutions understand we need to look outside of the box at times and discover the root of problem.

    As a compliment to our practice, we also offer the following holistic approaches to help our patients achieve the quality of life they have come to expect:

    • Acupuncture
    • Nutritional Analysis

    Having the ability to identify issues in your life that may be attributed to a decreased quality of life may not be so easy.

    Having an objective third-party review of your daily routine is a good start to get you on the path to overall health and wellness. Here at Premier Therapy Solutions, we will consult with you and conduct our exclusive “Lifestyle Assessment Program” to identify areas we believe need to be focused on more closely to improve your quality of life.