Aquatic Therapy Boca Raton
Aquatic Therapy Boca Raton

Aquatic Therapy Boca Raton

A serious injury sustained in a physical rehabilitation program can cause a patient to be unable to work for months or even years. Patients can benefit from aquatic therapy by following a few simple principles. For any questions regarding aquatic therapy in Boca Raton feel free to give the PTVIP office a call at 561.672.7613

They will experience a faster recovery, improved muscle performance, and reduced feelings of chronic and acute pain. These are the most popular benefits of aromatherapy:

Hydrostatic water pressure

Water is denser than air. Water’s increased density means that water exerts more pressure than normal by adapting to your body’s movement patterns. Hydrostatic water pressure is the process of compression. Hydrostatic pressure acts like a huge compression bandage that covers the entire body of a patient when it is submerged in water up to neck depth.

Sensations of Touch are Less Sensitive

Once stimulated, the nervous system fires nerve endings throughout the body. Submersion in water can cause your brain to reduce the level of sensitivity due to the pressure placed on your chest and body. The body can move more freely and feel less pain from muscle movement by dulling the reticular systems (how the body handles touch). Patients can recover faster and use all the range of injured muscles without fear.

Weight resistance

Water’s natural resistance causes slower and more complete movements without the need for additional equipment. This is a major benefit of aquatic therapy, especially for those who are rehabilitating atrophied muscles. For faster recovery, the resistance increases energy expenditure and stimulates muscle fibers. The resistance can also increase a person’s balance and reduce their fear of falling during the session.

Muscle Memory

Patients with neuromuscular conditions such as stroke victims recovering from muscle memory loss can benefit from aquatic therapy. The body’s natural movement is slower due to water resistance, which allows the brain better to process muscle movement. The brain can retain the body’s natural movements more easily due to this slower processing.


The HydroWorx(r), aquatic therapy pool makes treatment for both patient and aquatic therapist easier. It is much easier to get in and out of the pool than using a table. The aquatic therapist can move easily in the water and promote a full range of treatments without the patient having to turn.

Increased blood circulation

The heart naturally increases blood flow when hydrostatic water pressure is applied. This pressure and the warm water temperature (generally around 94 degrees) both benefit blood circulation. Better blood circulation is essential for the healing of damaged muscles.

Relaxing Muscle Massage

To build strength, it is important to relax the muscles after a workout. The lactic acid buildup is naturally eliminated by increased blood flow and oxygen-rich blood. This decreases post-treatment soreness and pain, which is a common motivator for PT patients.

Contact an aquatic therapist for more information on how aquatic therapy benefits patients in physical therapy. Premier Therapy Solutions can make an appointment.

Aquatic Therapy Boca Raton

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