Outpatient Physical Therapy In Boca Raton
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Outpatient Physical Therapy In Boca Raton

Outpatient physical therapy, also known as integrative physiotherapy, can help restore a patient’s body and improve their quality of life. At Premier Therapy Solutions we are committed to restoring the harmony of your body’s various systems through a proven and integrated approach. Our bodies undergo physical strain of various degrees from work, play, and injuries that can accumulate over time and cause issues with mobility. Major injuries such as car accidents can also affect how our bodies move and can negatively impact our daily lives.

Integrative physiotherapy combines multiple modalities of physical therapy to design the best treatment plan for you. Each of the outpatient physical therapy programs at Premier Therapy Solutions is designed with your physical needs in mind and can help you return to an active functioning life. Continue reading to learn more about some of the physical therapy programs we provide and if you have any further questions be sure to contact Premier Therapy Solutions today.

Balance Training

Older patients and patients with certain injuries and conditions can have difficulty with balance that can cause major problems with mobility and personal independence. Our outpatient physical therapy center provides a one-on-one vestibular/balance training program that can drastically improve a patient’s balance and mobility over the course of time.

We achieve these results using cutting edge equipment including Noraxon, Biodex, Alter-G, Hydroworx, and others. Balance training can help patients reduce their risk of falling and can set them up for a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Manipulative Therapy

Hands-on or manual physical therapy techniques that include myofascial release, mobilization and manipulation, and cupping therapy are able to restore joint function and treat soft tissues. Our experienced physical therapists use these techniques to reduce soft tissue inflammation, reduce/control pain, and increase a patient’s range of motion, also known as ROM. Myofascial release improves flexibility and range of motion by using certain techniques including Acupressure.

Mobilization and manipulation involve moving the joint and the surrounding structures using accessory glides to progressively increase range of motion. Finally, cupping therapy is an ancient soft tissue treatment that has been used for millennia to treat a wide range of physical conditions by mobilizing soft tissue and moving toxins away from muscles and surrounding structures.

Stroke Therapy

A stroke can cause major disruptions in a patient’s life that stroke outpatient physical therapy can help to alleviate. Our stroke rehabilitation program is designed to help patients reacquire skills lost from a stroke.

The damage caused by a stroke often varies from patient to patient however research studies have shown that the central nervous system which is affected by a stroke is adaptable enough to recover some abilities. We recognize that the needs of stroke patients vary. Therefore, our experienced physical therapists design a treatment plan that can improve sensory-motor functions, cognitive function, and others.

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Outpatient Physical Therapy

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