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Understanding Physiotherapy Exercises

Physical therapists use physiotherapy exercises to provide patients with mobility issues or injuries lasting, positive results. Everyone is vulnerable to suffering an injury that is sudden or caused over time.

These injuries can drastically reduce a person’s mobility, independence, range of motion, and cause severe pain. Using their extensive knowledge and education in how the human body moves, physical therapists use physiotherapy exercises to improve the health and wellbeing of patients.

Continue reading to learn more about physiotherapy exercises including how they can improve muscle strength during the recovery process. For more information related to physical therapy or if you have any questions, please contact our Boca Raton physical therapists for help.

Physiotherapy Exercises

Although exercises are typically associated with a gym, exercises that are designed for physiotherapy benefits can be used in a patient’s physical therapy treatment. Muscles play a wide range of roles in how the body moves.

Athletic injuries, accidents, and prolonged injuries can all cause issues with how a person’s muscles move and function. Muscles can be broken down into three types: slow twitch, fast twitch, and stabilization muscles.

Improving the strength of the muscles can improve the recovery process, range of motion, and physical performance. Every muscle moves and functions differently and a trained physical therapist will know the best to implement during the rehabilitation process.

Let’s examine some of the types of exercises physiotherapists use.

  • Dynamic Strengthening Exercises – These exercises will typically use higher intensity through speed, weight, and power for a shorter duration.
  • Stability Muscle Exercises – Exercises of this nature are usually low intensity and are done for a longer duration of time. These exercises improve muscular stability that can help with everyday tasks.
  • Eccentric Strengthening Exercises – These exercises help improve a patient’s ability to control speed and weight.
  • Core Stability Retraining – A person’s core is vital to supporting the torso’s weight and reduce the chance of injuries. The dynamic muscles use the core as a platform to flex. Although the core muscles are associated with the abdomen and back there are other core muscles.

A physical therapist will know the best physiotherapy exercises for a patient’s physical condition, injuries, etc. Consulting an experienced physiotherapist is the first step to rehabilitation through strengthening the appropriate muscles.

Physical Therapy in Boca Raton

Premier Therapy Solutions is a highly experienced and respected physiotherapy center in Boca Raton. Our team of physiotherapists offer a wide number of services and physical therapy programs.

Each patient has unique needs and our team strives to meet those needs through the rehabilitation process. Physiotherapy exercises through our Wellness Sports Performance program can enhance athletic ability and improve a patient’s physical function.

Our other Boca Raton physical therapy services include: Aquatic Therapy, Integrative Physiotherapy, Stroke/Parkinson’s Program, Muscular Balance Evaluation, Lifestyle Assessment, and PTVIP Concierge Connection. Contact Premier Therapy Solutions today to book an appointment or to speak with a friendly staff member.

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Physiotherapy Exercises

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