Physical Therapy Specialists
Physical Therapist Boca Raton

Physical Therapy Specialists

Physical therapy specialists provide a variety of services to help you live actively and achieve maximum physical function. Most experienced physical therapists utilize different methods and develop personalized programs to accomplish this. What sets us apart from other physical therapy specialists in Boca Raton is our never-ending commitment to patient care. No one on one physical therapy center delivers more than ours when coupled with our unique PTVIP Concierge Connection service.

If you are still looking for the right physical therapists in Florida, your search ends here. Elite patient care, innovative PT techniques, advanced PT equipment, wide-ranging physical rehabilitation programs, and a passion for bettering lives. We are your premier physical therapy specialists in Boca Raton, FL. Learn more about what we have to offer and how we can help in the article below. For appointment requests, please call 561-672-7613. Or investigate all the amazing physical therapy services and physical rehabilitation programs we offer here: Premier Therapy Solutions.

Physical Therapy Specialists | Conditions & Treatments

  • Arthritis Therapy: Get rid of nagging arthritic pain and eliminate muscle tremors. Improve physical mobility and increase functional dexterity.
  • Neurological Conditions: Intensive stroke recovery treatments. Parkinson’s disease programs (Half-day/ full-day and standard outpatient recovery services)
  • Chronic Pain Treatment: Reduce pain in the neck area, lower back, shoulders, knees, or other bothersome areas.
  • Peripheral Neuritis Treatment: Treat nerve pain and eliminate symptoms such as burning pain, tingling, numbness, or similar sensations.
  • Sports Physical Therapy: Strengthen muscle groups and eliminate localized pain caused by sports injuries. Speed up recovery time.
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy: VRT methods provide treatment for vestibular conditions causing problems with balance. Balance rehabilitation reduces symptoms of dizziness.
  • Osteoporosis Treatment: Protect weakened parts of the body and improve both bone and muscle strength.
  • Cardiovascular & Pulmonary: Restore blood circulation and improve overall blood flow while increasing cardiovascular functions.

Each of these programs, methods, and services are addressed by our physical therapy specialists. They combine their professional training, experience, and tools to create the most efficient treatment method for your condition. By combining both modern and traditional PT techniques with state of the art physical therapy equipment, we make the entire recovery process easy and comfortable.

Physical Therapy Specialists | Appointments

If you want the highest available level of care, nothing beats our PTVIP Concierge Connection. We act as your personal medical concierge, helping keep you informed on all important medical decisions. In fact, our physical therapy specialists will attend all doctor’s appointments and important meetings, wherever they take place. To learn more, Click Here.

Premier Therapy Solutions is the #1 center for physical therapy in Boca Raton, FL. We are located at 2595 NW Boca Raton Blvd and help clients from around the world. Our clients expect an elite level of care, and that’s exactly what keeps them coming back. Don’t make physical rehabilitation and PT harder than it should be. Request an appointment with us today. For more information, call 561-672-7613 or Contact Us.


Physical Therapy Specialists

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